The Partners are delighted to announce that Wellington House Practice is proposing to merge with another local practice, Trinity Health (Thame, Long Crendon and Brill) to form a larger ‘super-partnership’

Both practices are currently stable and performing well against national and local targets and both were rated ‘Good’ at their latest CQC inspections. We are proposing merger from a position of strength since we feel this is the best way for us to continue to offer our patients an innovative, sustainable, quality service into the future. We understand that you may have questions about the proposed merger and have included the following:

Patient information about the merger is available here; this includes information on a series of drop-in sessions at each surgery and how to feedback your views on the proposal.

A ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ (FAQ) document is available here.

This is the start of a 12 week patient consultation process before the proposed date for the merger of 1st October 2017.


As part of the national support provided to merging practices every patient of Wellington House Practice and Trinity Health should have received a letter confirming that the merger had been agreed and informing patient of some disruption to services during the merger. It has since become apparent that this letter was not sent to everyone – we can only apologise that this did not happen but, unfortunately, it was outside our control.

The one thing that was covered in the letter that is still affecting patients is that for all patients the ability to access on-line services would be lost and that we would have to re-activate the accounts and re-issue log-on details for all our patients. The letter confirmed that this would take up to a month to complete following the merge of the clinical database which took place on the 16th October.

Although it is important to us and to our patients to re-store access as soon as possible, our overriding priority has had to be ensuring that the clinical system and access to appointments was restored as soon as possible. Our admin team are now working through all the on-line accounts. As soon as this is complete, we will be texting all our patients for whom we have mobile numbers to let them know that their log-on details are available for collection. For the last couple of weeks reception have been trying to be helpful by re-issuing log-on details where patients have requested them but this has had an impact on our ability to deliver clinical services so we have asked them to stop doing this and the admin team will carry out this task.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience that we know this causes and are working hard to restore this service as quickly as we can.


Please click here for further information.

Care and Support Planning

We are improving the way we manage patients with
long term conditions to ensure you are more involved
in your care.

Please click here for further information.

You can now view your
GP medical record on-line

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Update on Patient On-line Services is available

To improve the ability of patients to access care, we have
plans to make additional services available on-line.

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Wellington House Practice is a learning organisation where the development of our own teams and future health professionals is an integral part of our practice. This includes the advanced training of qualified doctors and nurses in General Practice, as well as GP experience for medical students. This requires the practice to be assessed regularly to ensure the care we provide is of the highest standard and also ensures all our GPs are committed to their own on-going development and learning.

There are usually GP specialist trainees in the practice at various stages in their training who are fully qualified doctors and have already spent several years working in hospital before joining us to gain specifialist training in General Practice.

The GP trainees may sit in on consultations and will develop skills in consulting indepenently under the supervision of one of our GPs. These consultations may be videod for training purposes of they may have another GP sitting in to observe and teach. Whilst these consultations are a key part of training new GPs and nurses, you may always request to see the GP alone ir decline the use of video in a consultation.



We would like your feedback on the care or treatment we give you any time you have contact with the practice. There is a simple form to complete and it doesn’t take long.

Tell us what is working and how we can improve. You can tell us what you think without giving your name and we will use the information to plan improvements to our services.

Please complete the ‘Friends and Family Test’ Feedback Form and return it to us. If we have a mobile phone number for you, you will automatically be sent a text to collect your feedback following any appointment with the practice (maximum 1 per month).

Click here for the results the FFT feedback report (September 2017)


Wellington House Practice was first inspected in December 2014 and again in June 2016. Our overall practice rating is Good. The latest report is available by clicking on the link below.


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